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Bringing Security and Stability to the Heart of the Energy Transition Conversation



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Veterans for Smart Energy Resource Transition (VSERT) is the energy security policy initiative of The 1st NAEF, the global aid, development and stability operations non-profit NGO. VSERT is an independent research and policy think-tank focused on conducting dialogues and research to help ensure that national security and stability are at the forefront of smart energy transition projects.

We believe that long-term national stability and security  is mission-critical and should be a priority for global and national energy transition initiatives. We work to prepare the minds of key decision-makers and thought leaders involved in energy transition policies to help to incubate and implement the right solutions at the right time.


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Allied nations and the world have embarked on the path towards clean energy. However, alarmist narratives are being used to support rash decisions, forcing premature energy transition and social change in unprepared societies. Current thinking does not adequately take into account the need for ongoing national stability throughout and post transition. This could cause potential conflict due to societal instability.

It is critical that stability of populations and maintaining cohesive societies are considered priorities. Enhanced knowledge-building of national security and defense interests for transition leaders is vital for ensuring that transition goals are met while minimizing the potential for social and economic disruption.


“VSERT was formed to ensure that both security and stability are a critical priority of SMART ENERGY RESOURCE TRANSITION, so that they work as an accelerator to enable long-term security sustainability from the outset.

- Ian Bradbury, CEO The 1st NAEF

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  • Our Purpose: To ensure that clean energy transition is secure, stable, and beneficial to all of a nation’s peoples.

  • Our Mission: To support clean energy transition by encouraging and fostering social support through education and incubation to ensure long-term national security and stability. 

  • Our Vision: To have security around clean energy transition valued as an accelerator for the development and implementation of effective solutions.


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We believe that in order to achieve clean energy transition goals, domestic interests for the well-being of populations and stability must be taken into consideration.    

We are part of the energy transition influence industry, with its competing interests. We are collaborators. We aim to foster, incubate, and influence. We are not lobbyists. There is no hidden agenda.


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  • Collaboration: Working with the best minds, across common interest parties, to develop actionable insights and effective solutions for energy transition, stability and

  • Preparedness: Enabling readiness, with expert insights and facts, so that energy transition does not inadvertently disrupt or damage national security or stability.

  • Openness: Fostering open and honest dialogue amongst key experts, influencers, decision makers, and thought leaders.


We understand and solve energy security challenges.

We aim to prepare the minds of key decision-makers, thought leaders, policy-makers, and law-makers involved in clean energy transition by generating expert insights and viewpoints through our key services:

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  • ‘Dialogues’ Events – bringing together leading minds to develop insights and viewpoints on energy security

  • Academic Research – establishing facts and principles around clean energy transition, social change, security and stability

  • Learning Sessions – educating, engaging, and incubating key stakeholders across all levels

  • Speaker Engagements – promoting the need for long-term national security and stability

  • Consulting Services – facilitating and accelerating solution development in a security-integrated system


We are the only independent policy institute focused solely on national security, stability and defense innovation for clean energy transition projects

Our team includes experts in energy considerations, critical infrastructure protection, and social stability. We are incubators and change-makers for effective solutions in smart energy resource transition..



Program Director, VSERT

Ian is responsible for concept development, program oversight, solutions development, and PR. He also leads the VSERT Dialogues initiative.

Ian has 20 years’ experience in defense, security and critical infrastructure protection, from serving in the armed forces and working with leading defense and security bodies and agencies. He has also worked on numerous humanitarian and stability operations projects internationally. He founded The 1st NAEF to bridge gaps in 21st century humanitarian response and stability operations, and formed VSERT to address crucial gaps relating to global and national energy security. 

Ian sits as a NATO adviser for stability policing concept development under the NATO Center of Excellence.


Director of Partnerships and Outreach, VSERT

Whitman is responsible for identifying, targeting and managing partners and collaborators for VSERT Dialogues events, academic research studies, learning sessions, and common interest party engagement.

Whitman is an international public relations and communications consultant, with in-country experience in media, education, energy, international trade and development, and corporate social responsibility in North America, Europe and the Middle East. He has worked on research projects assessing the potential social impact of energy projects in Iraq. He has also worked on humanitarian aid and relief field projects in the US and internationally.

Whitman holds a Masters degree in Advanced International Relations from the renowned Diplomatic Academy of Vienna.


Strategic Advisor, VSERT

Khalid is responsible for internal business management, strategy development, and strategic business planning at VSERT and The 1st NAEF.

Khalid is an international business consultant and advisor, specialising in competitive intelligence, strategic insights, and strategic management. His multi-sector experience includes energy, telecoms, technology, and financial services, in the UK and Middle East.

Khalid holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, and a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree.


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We are currently reaching out to a select few thought leaders from the energy, defense, and social stability communities to take part in the 1st VSERT Video Dialogue event.

Titled ‘Energy Transition Snapshot’, the event will be held at the end of November 2018; location TBC. Watch this space or follow us on social media.