The 1st NAEF announces a new de-radicalization program for Yezidi boys.

The Lost Boys of Shengal

The Lost Boys of Shengal.png

Who are they?

  • Yezidi captives of ISIS.
  • The sons of murdered fathers.
  • The sons of captured and traded sex slaves.
  • Boys 5 – 16 years old.

What happened to them?

  • Ripped away from their childhood.
  • Forced to witness the murder or their family and people, and the rapes of their mothers and sisters. 
  • Tortured, raped, abused they would become themselves.
  • Forced to convert to the most radical interpretations of Islam.
  • Forced to undergo militarized training in weapons, hand to hand combat, and tactics, and in some cases, forced commit heinous murders and crimes against others, or at worse their own family members.
  • Indoctrinated to be fighters loyal to the Islamic Caliphate above all else.
  • Many as young as 6 years old.

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