Interview with Ian Bradbury: Daesh’s collapse, the Kurds, and Iraq today

Tat: By now, the situation in northern Iraq has been heavily publicized by the slow decline and eventual collapse of Daesh along with the uncovering of atrocities committed by the group. With Daesh recently losing nearly all control on major Syrian and Iraqi cities, what exactly will Syrian and Iraqi survivors of the terrorist group expect to face in their everyday lives?

Bradbury: In terms of survivors and the impacted populations, the recent conflicts have been a steady strain on the lives of the populations of Iraq, Syria, and the Kurdish administered region of Northern Iraq. The most likely scenario to unfold is that the daily lives of survivors will not return to a stable consideration of ‘normal’ for at least a decade; and only then is this timeframe possible provided that the next decade is marked by:

  1. Dedicated efforts to establish peace are undertaken by a global coalition.

  2. A global coalition that is capable to both provide for the wide range of social needs (to the whole of the populations) present and the rebuilding of housing, infrastructure, and services in a manner that empowers the populations.

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