1st New Allied Expeditionary Force

Founding Members

One aspect of the 1st NAEF which separates us apart, is that we believe in paying tribute to the founding members of the organization, regardless of their current involvement. Founding Members contributed:  time away from family and themselves, personal resources, and unlimited energy during the "early days" of the organization's work addressing international crisis response.

Ian Bradbury


Mr. Bradbury is a former Canadian Forces infantry non-commissioned officer and founder of the 1st New Allied Expeditionary Force, where he serves as the Primary Founding Member and CEO. After military service, he transitioned into a career within the Federal Public Service of Canada, while concurrently completing a diploma of Security Management at Algonquin College's Police and Public Safety Institute. Bradbury has served in a number of Canadian agencies, to include Privy Council of Canada as Security and Intelligence Branch Threat Risk and Vulnerability Specialist, Canadian Security and Intelligence Service as Internal Security Branch Physical Security Advisor, Transport Canada as Marine Security Branch Marine Domain Awareness/Security Inspector/National Security Assessment and Criticality Analysis Program Developer/Coordinator, and Canadian Border Services Agency as Corporate Security Arming Program/Physical Security Advisor. Bradbury is an experienced instructor and educational program coordinator in foreign settings, including experience as subject matter expert to OAS counter terrorism capacity building programs internationally. In 2010, he formed Terra Nova Strategic Management and remains active as president. TNSM is a consulting firm based in Ottawa, Canada, providing multidisciplinary services. In addition to his duties with both The 1st NAEF and TNSM Ian sits as a NATO adviser for stability policing under the NATO Center of Excellence and is the Canadian representative for the Connect SOS medical network. 

Kevin Martin


Mr. Martin is a former Canadian Forces infantry non-commissioned officer and Founding Member of the 1st New Allied Expeditionary Force.  After 15-years military service, including deployments to Central Africa, Bosnia and Kosovo, he embarked on a career as a Security Consultant and Private Security Contractor. In this capacity, he has worked globally providing security services to various institutions and clients such as Strategic Resources Group as part of a Mobile Aviation Security Team, Unity Resources Group in Iraq as a PSD Team Leader providing security services to an advisory group conducting the first Democratic elections in Iraq on behalf of the US Department of State, EODT Technology in Iraq as Assistant Team Leader of a Rapid Response Team providing Force Protection duties for a major US military installation, FluorAMEC LLC in Iraq as Site Security Manager on several power generation and water sanitization reconstruction projects, and Garda World International Protection Services in Iraq as Team Leader on an oil exploration and production project for the Kurdish Regional Government in Northern Iraq.  More recently, Mr. Martin has been involved in establishing and managing security programs for oil and gas companies in North America.

Dave Pickering

Mr. Pickering is a former Canadian Forces non-commissioned officer and Founding Brother of The 1st New Allied Expeditionary Force.  His military service included training in communications and electronics engineering and military mechanical engineering, providing him with particular expertise in airfield engineering for military unit deployments in austere locations.  He has been awarded the United Nations Decoration for peacekeeping operations in the Middle East, and the Canadian Forces Decoration for his years of honourable service.  During his military service, he continued his studies and attained the civilian Power Engineer Trade Certification, achieving the second-highest certification level possible.  Upon retirement, he immediately began using these skills in healthcare infrastructure management, serving in various Chief Engineer positions, including a Utilities Specialist Role with the world’s largest beverage manufacturers and several years at a major Toronto Hospital as Manager of Engineering Services.  He is currently a Powerplant Supervisor at a Biomass Cogeneration Facility.

Anthony Sinnott


Lieutenant Colonel (LTC) “Tony” Sinnott is a U.S. Marine Corps Reserve officer and Founding Member of the 1st New Allied Expeditionary Force.  He began his commissioned service as a tank platoon commander during the 1991 Persian Gulf War, then later moved to Special Operations.  As a field grade officer, he served in Policy & Plans for General Tommy Franks and later became a Strategic Analyst & Advisor to General John Abizaid.  LTC Sinnott served in Baghdad in 2003, assisting in the establishment of a New Iraqi Army and working alongside Major General Paul Eaton.  He also assisted in reestablishing the US Embassy in Iraq as Military Deputy Chief of Strategic Analysis and as a Senior Field Representative of the US Mission in the Central South region of Iraq, where he coordinated with Coalition partners, local officials, and US Special Operations to help provide security for reconstruction effort.  He later served as an Advisor to the Iraqi Ministry of Defense during part of the tenure of Minister Abd al-Qadr Muhammed Jassim al-Obaidi.  Former Senator Jim Bunning paid tribute to Sinnott’s service in comments on the US Senate floor in 2003.


Mr. "Mack" Frederick McCahan is a former US Combat Military Police Officer with a reconnaissance and defense focus, and a Honorary Founding Member of the 1st New Allied Expeditionary Force.  Retiring after 20 years of service, Staff Sergeant (SSG) (Ret) McCahan holds an equivalent Associates of Science Degree in Marine Technology and is pursuing Bachelors of Science Degree in International Relations.  He is also a certified Georgia police officer, advanced SWAT certified, certified commercial diver, US Army Sniper, and graduate of the long range surveillance leaders course, SERE high-risk, aviation survival, water survival, jungle/cold weather survival course, US Navy Photography/intel and aerial, and US Army Maneuver Senior Leaders course.  He has served in high-threat regions from South America, Somalia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Operation Desert Storm, and the Global War on Terror.  He was chosen to instruct reconnaissance utilizing the Out Comes Based Training methodology which directly influenced the US Army's change to The Adaptive Soldier leader model for all training.  He also served in a multinational intelligence collection team in Bosnia that sought out and captured persons indicted for war crimes.  His military awards include the Army Commendation Medal (two awards), Joint Service Achievement Medal, Army Achievement Medal (three awards), US Navy Achievement Medal, Meritorious Unit Commendation (three awards), and US Army/Navy Good Conduct Medal (six awards).

Russell Gregoire


Mr. Gregoire is a former Canadian Forces Warrant Officer (WO) and Founding Member of the 1st New Allied Expeditionary Force.  His 25 years of military service include 21 spent in Infantry Reconnaissance Platoons, 3 Commando (Canadian Airborne Regiment) and in Airborne Recce Platoon (Pathfinders).  WO (Ret) Gregoire is a static-line Jumpmaster, Military Freefall Parachutist, Airborne Regiment Patrol Pathfinder, and Rappel-Master, among other military skills.  He has instructed at all levels, including Basic Recce Patrolman Courses, Patrol Pathfinder Courses, Basic Mountain Operations Courses, Battalion Marksman Courses before deployments, Machine-Gunner/Infantry Platoon Support Weapons Courses, and Gunfighter Programs which were conducted for Recce Platoon and Infantry Platoons with-in BN before deployments.  WO (Retd) Gregoire deployed to Afghanistan in 2008 and served in 2 PPCLI Battle Group Recce Platoon, employed as a Section Commander for six months and the Acting/Pl WO for three months while conducting Full Spectrum Operations.  He was posted to the Patrol Pathfinder Cell in CFLAWC specifically for the re-introduction of the Patrol Pathfinder course back into the Canadian Army after a five year hiatus.  His awards include the Medal of Military Valour, Somalia Medal, General Campaign Star with two Bars, and Canadian Forces Decoration with Clasp.

Yakhi Hamza


Mr. Hamza is a Founding Member of the 1st New Allied Expeditionary Force and a former US military contractor, who served for three years in the Salahaddin, Diyala, and Baghdad provinces of Iraq. He has also served as senior manager for several Iraqi and local Kurdish private firms. While simultaneously pursuing his second degree in International Relations, he has served as a political consultant to many Kurdish organizations. A war-child and internally displaced refugee himself, he began a career as a human rights activist after earning his diploma in Education and English language in Kurdistan. In 2005, he became a member of the Kurdistan Center for Middle East (KCM). Mr. Hamza occasionally publishes articles in Kurdish papers and, in analysis published eighteen months prior to the rise of Islamic State (IS), warned the Kurdish government about the threat posed by the fall of the Sunni triangle in Iraq, specifically Mosul and Anbar provinces. In that same article, Mr. Hamza asked Kurdish Forces to unite and take strong measures to protect Kurdish territories from this potential threat. His prescient analysis was described at the time as unrealistic.


Whitman Davis


Whitman Davis joined the 1st New Allied Expeditionary Force with varied and exemplary public relations and communications experience working across private, public and non-governmental organization (NGO) sectors in the United States, Europe and the Middle East. While earning a Masters degree in Advanced International Relations from the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna, he advised the Kurdistan Regional Government’s (KRG) Department of Foreign Relations on communications strategies with members of the international community. Those members included the United Nations Assistance Mission of Iraq (UNAMI), international organizations, NGOs, and the 13 United Nations agencies active in Iraq, including Kurdistan. Following completion of his MA degree, Mr. Davis returned to Iraq to work in the energy industry in the KRG for a private advisory firm, performing in-depth research and assessments on corporate social responsibility (CSR) measures for active international oil companies in the region. Following the rise of Daesh throughout Iraq, leading to an economic shift further crippling the region, he remained in Kurdistan working for a local NGO specializing in providing support to displaced and persecuted persons from Syria and the Iraqi territory of Shingal. Mr. Davis’ interests include reputation management, cross-cultural capacity building, socially responsible strategies, and information sharing initiatives.